Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Making Lots of Money With Linkbucks

One of the most frequently asked questions about using Linkbucks is how to make lots of money and how to turn this earning into an automated making money method. That of course is what everyone wants to be able to do. The idea is to make a lot of money while spending the least amount of your time doing it.

Here are a few more tips to helping you along your way.

Top Tier Traffic

The highest paying tier on their site is the traffic from the U.S. After U.S., United Kingdom, Canada and Australia also pay very high as well. In short, promoting your links on English speaking websites can make a huge difference in your earnings and its damn easy!

Viral Marketing

Never underestimate the power of viral marketing. The most amount of money ever made on Linkbucks has been through the use of Facebook. My partner earns up to $1,000 USD a day just from Facebook fan pages. The trick is to put up a fan page with a special section that requires people to "Like" it before viewing the content you have put up. If you gather a large following of fans, it will easily become viral as wall updates get distributed to everyone’s news feeds. There is a good tutorial on how to create the fan pages in our forums.

Full Page Script

Many of the top earners on the site utilize the full page script. Why spend the time creating hundreds of links when you can simply place a script on your site to automatically convert every link to Linkbucks urls.

Stay focused and stick with Linkbucks! Don't let other websites fool you. I have tried all the other similar link advertising and intermission ads companies and I can honestly say that they are paying me every time and they are paying the most in the market. They pay you for up to 20 visits of the same ip in a single day making your overall earnings so much higher.

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